Triennial Information

The 2018 Train Mountain Triennial is now history.

When available, we will post the Triennial statistics, but this will take some time.


Only Propane fired external combustion engines may run at Train Mountain. Coal, Wood, and Oil fired engines are not allowed to run at Train Mountain.

This is something dictated by the property owners. The 2018 Triennial Committee does not have any say in this matter, and can do nothing to change the policy.

Train Mountain Triennial Campground Policy pdf

2018 Triennial Map in pdf

Please note: The Triennial Maps indicate the MAIN EXIT will be through the Molly Lane Gate. This will NOT be happening. The MAIN EXIT route will be one way west on Molly Lane and the ACTUAL EXIT will be through the Katy Lane Gate. This is the same as was done for the 2015 Triennial.

2018 Southside Triennial Map in pdf